Light to moderate sedation

Sedation or sleep dentistry is a procedure where the patient is put to sleep with anesthesia. Sedation can be partial where the patient retains consciousness or complete, where the patient sleeps. It allows patients to get dental treatments done in a relaxed, stress-free state, without anxiety. This helps the patient as well as the dentist. The dentist can finish the treatment quicker without doing the treatment slowly and calming the patient at the same time. The patient will be in a state of calm all throughout the treatment knowing their smile is well taken care of.

Light to moderate sedation is a good option to consider if you experience the following:

  • Extreme fear of dental procedures
  • Special needs, making it difficult to sit for long hours
  • Difficulty in numbing the area using a local anesthetic
  • When a lot of treatments need to be done in a short period

Sedation may be incorporated in certain dental procedures like wisdom teeth extractions, dental implants, dental surgeries, teeth restorations or when its required to reconstruct the full mouth. The need for sedation depends on the patient. Our sedation procedures are safe. The doctor will decide the level of sedation required for the treatment.

The only side effect of sedation is that it may leave you feeling drowsy or groggy for some time post the completion of the treatment.

Other Services

Preventive – Professional/Cleaning

Prevention is always better than cure. At Mississauga Dental House we believe in routine dental cleaning and check-ups.

White Fillings

White filling is a common restorative dental procedure. When a tooth begins to decay the dentist may need to fill it to prevent further decay of the tooth.

Dental Crowns (Caps)

Dental crowns help restore the normal shape and functionality of your tooth. Filling help fill the decay, but a crown brings back the normal shape.

Teeth Extractions

Mississauga House Dental will do their best to restore your teeth. Tooth extraction is the last option when: a tooth is beyond repair, the wisdom tooth is troubling a lot.


A bridge is needed when few teeth are missing between teeth’s. The gap left between teeth’s can hamper the alignment causing them to rotate, twist and shift around in the space.

Dentures (Complete or Partial)

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth. They are an optimal solution to restore teeth in your mouth. Dentures are recommended for patients who are missing all their teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy is also known as Endodontics. It is needed when there is an infection in the tooth causing pain. The inside of a tooth is called pulp.

Dental X-Rays

X-Rays provide a comprehensive assessment of your oral health. It helps in a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, jaw line, jaw joints, and mouth.


If you grind or clench your teeth a lot, it can wear down the enamel of your teeth with time. Over time this could damage your teeth in many ways.

Teeth Whitening

Need a bright, winning smile? Teeth whitening is the best non-invasive easy procedure to brighten and get white teeth.

Light to moderate sedation

Sedation or sleep dentistry is a procedure where the patient is put to sleep with anesthesia. Sedation can be partial where the patient retains consciousness.

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